Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Art of Freecycle

Freecycle. Are you familiar? It is absolutely awesome. It is essentially a forum where people can trade items they no longer need for items they do need. So far on Freecycle I have scored...

1. An absolutely brand new microwave (The people were remodeling their house and ordered the wrong size! SCORE!)

2. A functioning garage door opener to replace mine that unexpectedly croaked on me.

3. A HUGE box of VHS tapes for Beanie's playroom (every single Disney movie and many many more, I filled an entire bookcase!)

I am fairly certain most towns and cities have a freecycle. To find yours go to Yahoo Groups and search for freecycle in your city! Please share your amazing finds, because things like that put a huge smile on my face!

Be blessed!
The Freebie Junkie :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Free Dishwasher LAST DAY!

OK, guys, we are here the last day of our free dishwasher. And it is the art of swagging, so let's get our swag on!

1. We need a coupon for our dishwasher, so let's swag for one! I was able to find 10% off by searching through swagbucks.

2. Swagbucks are redeemable for Lowe's gift cards!!

Does it seem like it takes forever for those swagbucks to accumulate? Here are some tips for some better swagging!

1. NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK. Refer your friends! Everyone online googles! Did you know that Swagbucks actually uses Google, so you are getting the same results and earning free stuff! Why WOULDN'T you swag?? Every time a friend signs up, you get SB! Simple!

2. Shop online as much as you can! I will tell you this... You can find almost anything cheaper online, especially when you visit retailmenot.com and start stacking those coupon codes. The internet is still a wild frontier, take advantage of it. Not too mention that you get to stick it to THE MAN and not pay sales tax a lot of the time!

3. Friday is Mega Swagbucks Day, SEARCH SEARCH SEARCH! I know I will be! :)

Click below to sign up to start swagging today!

Be blessed, The Freebie Junkie :)

Search & Win

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Vanessa P found this site for me and it is amazing! Sends you real cash, well checks! In two days I already earned $10 plus a free marinade system! AWESOME!

Use the below link to join!


I have used inbox dollars in the past but this one is far better and much more lucrative! ENJOY!

Be blessed, the Freebie Junkie :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some fun freebies for the day!

Free panties from Victoria's Secret


Free Bic Pens at Target (Just make sure that you find the ones that are on sale for 99 cents, and if you live in my area, the Target in Owasso, Oklahoma is already sold out!)


Free PowerBar Gel Blast Sample


Free ~ General Mills Samples - Spanish Link


Nombre -First Name
Apellido -Last Name
Direccion -Address
Ciudad -City
Estado -State
Correo Electronico -email
Fecha de Nacimiento -birthdate

Free Bounty paper towels


Free Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons


Free Chex mix


Monday, May 17, 2010

Free Dishwasher Day 2

OK, I KNOW this is going to be the most controversial day of the free dishwasher plan, so let's get it out of the way...

Discover Card Cashback Program.

Its amazing! Every quarter they offer 5% in a particular genre (right now its restuarants) and for everything else you get 1% cash back. I put all my bills on mine and most importantly


I do NOT advocate credit card debt in any way shape or form! But if you can charge responsibly, this is just a fabulous program! I use these rewards to Christmas and birthday present shop, and it keeps me from going over budget every time a special occasion arises.

A tip for responsible credit card use. Write down every thing you charge. It helps me tremendously to stay on budget and not be surprised (or horrified) when I get my credit card statement each month.

I redeemed $45 in rewards for a $50 Lowes gift card. More money towards my absolutely free dishwasher!

Be blessed! The Freebie Junkie :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Maximizing your Bzzagent potential (Day 1, continued)

Since I received a lot of questions on using Bzzagent and it is IMPERATIVE to racking up your MyPoints, I decided to dedicate today's blog to getting the most out of Bzzagent.

1. Complete your surveys! You will not get picked for campaigns unless you are up-to-date on your surveys. CHECK DAILY! Go to bzzagent.com and click on my bzzagent. It will tell you if you have any surveys to take! SIMPLE.

2. You are required three frogs per month. These are simple. Go to the frogpond. Click on any frog THAT IS NOT AGENT SUBMITTED. Check out the website, give your opinion and take the poll. I may also add here that these websites are often AWESOME! I have found some neat present ideas, freebies and coupons from the Bzzagent Frogpond.

3. You are required to do 10 Bzzcapes per month. These are also simple. They can be product reviews, special offers to share, or even launch a new product on your own Bzzcape! The even have Bzzcapes for music, movies and shows if you want to give your opinion! Bzzcapes are awesome because they give you a chance to look up what other people are saying about a product before you try it!

Keeping on these three things will not only get you campaigns, but it also earns you honeycombs and golden keys. Why do you want these? Honeycombs increases your status and gives you earlier invites to campaigns! Golden keys are even better! They can get you into a full campaign that you weren't chosen for!

After you are selected for a campaign, bzz, bzz, bzz. Every time you talk about the product, hand out a coupon or sample, report it to bzzagent. At 50 mypoints a pop, this adds up quickly. On my latest campaign I already earned 750 mypoints!

Good luck, bzzagents! If you need help or you want a referral, please let me know!

Be blessed, the Freebie Junkie :)

For more information on Bzzagent, visit Vanessa's blog at


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Working your MyPoints! (Dishwasher Day 1)

OK, guys, today is day one towards your brand new dishwasher...

This is my dishwasher...


Now we are going to pay for it? The first $50 came as a gift card from my mypoints. You may be asking yourself how I accrued so much, so today's lesson is working your mypoints!

1. WORK THE NETWORK Essentially, work together. Let me refer you, and then refer your friends, even if those friends will only ever accrue points by shopping online. You will not believe how quickly the points tally when you simply work together! :)

2. Read the e-mails and visit the sites! It takes two seconds and those points add up quickly! Do the surveys as well. They are worth 50 points a pop and only take a few minutes out of your day.

3. Daily Spin and Win Once again, it only takes a minute to spin the wheel everyday and instantly win up to 10,000 points!

4. Become a bzzagent. Bzzagent is awesome by itself, but paired up with Mypoints it is better than peanut butter and chocolate (which says a lot coming from me!)

I will provide an illustration. I am currently bzz-ing about Cover Girl Cosmetics. I love my new SmokyBlast shadow and Colorblast lipgloss. Anytime I talk about it, blog about it, twitter about it, etc. I get 50 free mypoints! How easy peasy is that?!?! Guess what? I just got 50 more! :)

5. Shop online when you can! Hate to pay shipping and handling? Visit retailmenot.com for an amazing assortment of coupon codes. I really don't know the last time I paid shipping. Retailmenot.com also offers combination coupons, so you can also get discounts.

Another illustration! I REALLY wanted Skecher tone-ups (they are like shape ups only flip flop variety). I went to Kohls.com


They were 54.99 on sale for 44.99. After visiting retailmenot.com, I got them for 21.00! :) By the way, I love them! They are comfy, and the other night I was getting a massage from my hot husband and he commented that my thighs were getting really hard! WOOHOO!

So, mypoints rewards you for online purchases. I got them uber cheap and earned 42 mypoints!

Mypoints are redeemable for Lowes gift cards so I have now obtained the first $50 for my brand new dishwasher. $169 to go!

Be blessed! The Freebie Junkie :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Who is the freebie junkie??

Per your request...

Howdy! My name is Chrissy. I am married to Aaron, and Carina (Beanie) is our precocious daughter! I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and now live just outside of Tulsa, OK.

Becoming a married mommy made me realize that changes needed to be made to my lifestyle. I am a confirmed, diagnosed shopaholic. Once I made the pilgrimage to the Mall of America 3 times in just one year. I am talking that I drove all night (its a ten hour drive from Tulsa, the Hawaii of the Midwest), so that I could be there when the mall opened, get all my shopping in and not miss work. I think this may be considered a problem, but honestly, it was my version of fun!

Upon becoming a mother, being unable to shop and travel the way I used to depressed me, quite literally... I missed my "mall tours" in which I would drive to a new city just to see the malls.

I cannot say honestly when I transitioned to just not paying for anything, but it has not only saved my sanity and my pocketbook, its also fun and a challenge! :) Not to mention, equally addicting. Lately, a lot of interest has surfaced for coupon-ing and matching up ads. I am truly a fan, but I am a much bigger fan of ABSOLUTELY FREE.

I hope you enjoy this blog and also share with me things that you discover! As always be blessed. The Freebie Junkie. :)

PS... Tomorrow, per an OVERWHELMING request, we will begin earning our free dishwasher. I already did it, but I will show you how its done! :)

Today's Lesson-The Internet

For those of you that haven't already discovered this... The internet is a wealth of freebies! From samples (www.startsampling.com) to test marketing (www.bzzagent.com), you can get so much for free that I wonder why ANYONE pays!

Some of my favorites include...


I am currently test-marketing the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner and Cover Girl Cosmetics. Yes, I got these things for free! BTW, I LOVE the automatic shower cleaner! I have had it now for a month, and haven't had to scrub ONCE! Heaven for a mommy of a toddler! As for the Cover Girl, I have been a fan for as long as I can remember, no surprises there! :)


This one is cool! A new product is coming out... These people send you a huge box of not only samples of the product, but also additional freebies like t-shirts, back packs, movies, aprons, games, toys, just to name a few. Sometimes we even get to preview tv shows that aren't even on tv yet! :) Super fun!


First of all, if you are a bzzagent, you NEED mypoints, its how they "pay" you! If you shop online you need this, plain and simple. You accrue mypoints for shopping online and reading e-mails. Mypoints are redeemable for gift cards, making your freebies almost anything yo can imagine. :)


Do you google? Well, stop it! Swag instead! Every time you research ANYTHING you have a chance to win swagbucks. Swagbucks are redeemable for cards, once again making your freebies virtually ANYTHING! :)

Enjoy todays ideas and always be blessed! The freebie Junkie

My name is Chrissy...

... and I am a freebie-holic! I am obsessed with not paying for things! :)

Lately I have been getting asked how I do it....

Case in point... My garage door opener broke about a month ago. My mom said to buy a new one and I told her to give me time. Yes, I got a free one.

My dishwasher met a similar demise, and I am proud to say that I am headed to Lowe's this weekend to get a new one ABSOLUTELY FREE including delivery and removal of the broken one!

I pledge to you, my loyal followers that are yet to exist, I will share my secrets. Many you will already know, but hopefully, I will enlighten you! :)

In the meantime be blessed! As always, the freebie junkie! :)