Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Maximizing your Bzzagent Potential

More than one of you have come to me telling me that you don't really understand how to get started as a bzzagent. Today I am here to help you!

The first step is to go to bzzagent.com and join! This part is the most simple, although time consuming. Bzzagent has plenty of questionnaires to keep you busy while all the while tailoring campaigns just for you! Once you are set up, the fun can begin.

Every month, a bzzagent is required to do 3 frogs and 10 bzzcapes to increase his or her honeycomb status. Did I just speak Greek? Let me break it down for you...

While at bzzagent.com click on the frogpond link. You will be directed to a series on interesting websites some are marked with a little bug and the words "agent submitted". While the agent submitted frogs are interesting and should be checked out, they will NOT increase your honeycomb status. I unfortunately learned this one the hard way. The first couple frogs are the non-agent submitted frogs and are the ones you must visit to earn honeycombs. Not only do you have to visit them, but most importantly TAKE THE POLL!! The visit does not count unless you take the poll!

Once you complete three frogs in a calendar month, its time to move onto Bzzcapes. I LOVE bzzcapes. They are reviews made by other agents on virtually everything. I have come to consult bzzcapes before any major purchase. Completing your own bzzcapes is super easy and fun! Did you try a new product that you loved? Hated? This is content for bzzcapes! Did you go somewhere new? Try a new restaurant? All of this is perfect for bzzcape content! Do ten of these per month and increase your honeycomb status!

Why do you want to increase your honeycomb status? Because it gets you more and earlier campaign invites and also earns you something wonderful called a golden key! Golden Keys are used when you really want a campaign but it is already closed! YOU WANT GOLDEN KEYS!

Bzzagent also requires the completion of surveys. Check back at your bzzagent at least once a week and you will be prompted if new surveys are ready for you to take. These surveys are very short and are used to see if you have an established interest in a product before a campaign is announced. You are rewarded with mypoints for taking the surveys!

Speaking of mypoints! You MUST MUST MUST have a mypoints account if you do bzzagent! If you have questions on setting up a mypoints account, I will offer a tutorial tuesday post at your request!

OK, so you are signed up and up to date, now come the campaign invites over e-mail. When you get one, respond quickly, they fill up fast! Complete the step by step instructions to get your bzzkit sent to you. Then start bzzing!

Remember these are word of mouth campaigns, so the more you talk the better. I actually got a golden key once for talking too much! :) More importantly, every single time you mention the product, submit a bzzreport, they are worth 30-17 mypoints each and you can submit AS MANY AS YOU WANT! This can be very lucrative towards earning free stuff!

Don't forget to take your post campaign survey (also worth mypoints) and get involved as much as possible!

I hope this helps, please feel free to ask me any questions!

Be blessed! :)
The Freebie Junkie