Thursday, March 24, 2011

Budgeting with the Freebie Junkie

I have been told FREQUENTLY over the past year that I am an amazing budgeter. I support a family of three on about 24K take home, with a mortgage, two cars and tuition for my husband and private school tuition for my daughter. While, I do coupon and get as much free as humanly possible, I also am a very strict budgeter. If you have been wanting to budget, first and foremost, I would be happy to write a budget with you! You can e-mail me at for some one-on-one interaction. Otherwise, these tips will help you get started...

1. Spend an entire month writing down everytime you spend money. EVERY TIME. Whether its a caffeine run to QT or your mortgage payment, write it down.

2. Establish a list of all of your recurring bills, all of them, not jsut the ones you think you might pay. This list should include mortgage, utilities, credit card payments, student loan payments, car payments, and any other recurring bills you can think of.

3. Sit down and figure out how much you spend in a month on anything incidental (pas, clothing, dining out, entertainment, toys, etc.). Do not try to cut it back to what you think you should be spending, otherwise you will NEVER stick to your budget.

4. Starting with your monthly income start subtracting expenses... It should look something like this

3000-monthly income
-400-car payment and insurance
-100-electric bill
-100-natural gas bill
-150-cell phone bill
-100 cable bill
-100 student loan payment

Let's say your recurring bills end there, that leave's you $650 to play with every month! Don't forget to save!

So simple, but it really works! Continue to write down what you spend, to amke sure you don't go over!

Be blessed and get it free! The Freebie Junkie :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

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