Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Claritin Clear!

Hey couponing mommies!

I am now part of a new bzzcampaign for Children's Claritin! This stuff is amazing, especially for my very allergy-prone three year old! I have some $3 coupons left to share if you want to try it for your sniffling wee one!! It has really done the trick for us, Carina, my daughter even likes the grape flavor!

Send me a message or leave me a comment and I will mail youa coupon!

Be blessed,
The Freebie Junkie :)

Calling all bloggers!

I am part of a new bzzcampaign called about me! And it is awesome! Its a website that links together your facebook, twitter, blog and more! Join below and you get FREE business cards to give out! Perfect for when I ahve a "Freebie Junkie" question!

Click below to get yours!

Bzzagent is Better than Ever!!

I know this is one of those things I harp on a lot, but have you signed up for bzzagent yet? I am currently in 4 campaigns! 4!!

Claritin for Children--this one has been a godsend for my allergy prone 3 year old! This stuff is fantastic. Not only did I receive a free bottle to try, but I also got high value, $3 coupons to share with my mommy friends! Not to mention the mypoints, I get every time I talk about it and submit a bzzreport!!

Aboutme--if you are a blogger, you need about me!! It links your blog, your twitter, your email, and your facebook and sends you free business cards! Not chintzy business cards either, but ones with pictures! Mine are beautiful and presto, I have them every time someone asks me a freebie junkie question! Sign up below!

Cover Girl--I am currently in 2 Cover Girl campaigns! One for the NatureLuxe foundation and lipgloss line. I ahve to tell you--this is my new fave foundation! It smells like summer, and makes my skin so soft! It also provides coverage which is a must for my acne prone skin! I love it! I am also in the anniversary campaign which awards me with a new full size product every month--mascara and lip gloss, so far! So awesome. You can join the 50th annoversary celebration on facebook and get the freebies WITHOUT being a bzzagent! Just click on the pic below...

img src="" alt=""/>

And guys, even if you aren't into the samples or the coupons, do it for the mypoints! I have earned enough mypoints to get Carina a Princess Powerwheel for her birthday absolutely free! You can't beat that!

Be blessed!
The Freebie Junkie :)