Monday, January 10, 2011

Free Mascara!

for those of you that don't know, Cover Girl is celebrating its 50th anniversary with lots of fun freebies! The first is a free mascara. Just go here...

I am a die hard cover girl. In my facebook profile pic, I am wearing covergirl shadowblast and covergirl lipstain!

Be blessed!
The Freebie Junkie :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Toys R Us Outet in Branson=AMAZING!

So over my holidays, I got to adventure up to Branson for what else but outlet shopping!! While the Disney Outlet in Tanger NEVER disappoints, this trip I stumbled upon something far more awesome! A Toys R Us Express nestled in the Factory Merchant Mall (the one with bright red roof!). The Toys R Us Express is a seasonal store, preparing to close its doors this year in Mid February. If you are up for a road trip, this is SOOOOOO WORTH IT! Toys are 70% off AND DROPPING to clear inventory for the closing. I got (are you sitting down)

A Disney Princess Vanity Set
4 Bottles of Buzz Lightyear Bubble Bath
1 Mickey Mouse Kids Plate
1 Pooh Bear Kids Plate
1 Pooh Bear Kids Bowl
1 Abby Cadabby Take Care of Toy (the one with the birth certificate, baby bottle etc)
1 Disney Princess game set
1 Complete Train Set with Train

After using my Christmas shopping reards (WHICH THEY TAKE!!) I spent 2.38!!!


Anyone wanna go??

Be blessed!
The Freebie Junkie :)

I'm baaacccckkk

After a busy holiday season, I am happy to say I am finally back to the wonderful world of never paying for anything!! Or next to nothing, but I digress...

I have just been selected for a new campaign I am super excited about--Thomas Bagel Thins! Being a confirmed bagel junkie--right up there with caffeine and coupons, this feels like a campaign catered just for me!! Despite that, I will share!! :)

I should be getting my samples within the next few days and I will totally let you guys know what I think!

Be blessed!
The Freebie Junkie :)