Monday, July 26, 2010

Disney for free!

Hello, loyal readers!

Ok, so you all read as I earned myself a free dishwasher, are you ready for my next expedition? Its time for a FREE TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD! You may ask how I am hoping to accomplish this, and I have decided to try something I have not tried before, garage sale-ing and the re-selling for a profit, my plan is put all this profit into a free trip to Disney World for my family.

Essentially, any time I see something that looks old (and NOT made in China), I am going to scoop it up and then re-sell it with the antique dealer I have be-friended (very easy to do, guys, go to your local antique dealer and ask them how they do it and if they will help you!). For those of you who have not garage saled with me, I am a nefarious bargainer, I NEVER pay the asking price, and neither should you! Remember this fact--PEOPLE HAVE GARAGE SALES TO GET RID OF STUFF NOT TAKE IT BACK INSIDE!

I will be sharing my progress with you, showing you the items I have found, what I have paid and what the re-sale value is! I am very excited about this latest venture!

Be blessed as always!
The Freebie Junkie :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Free Smartphone

Heather Kreke gave me the link below, starting in the Pittsburgh area then launching nationwide is a free smartphone giveaway from American Eagle Outfitters! It is NOT a contest, rather an incentive!

If anyone does this, please let me know how it works! I am very interested!

Be blessed!
The Freebie Junkie :)